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About Us


At Horizon Star Tutoring Co., our collaborative and interactive tutoring has made all the difference for our students and their 


Our tutors are hand-picked for the task. We only select tutors that are not only qualified, but also are passionate about making a difference...seeing the satisfaction on a student’s face when they complete something that was difficult before. In hearing a student say, “I’m good at this” 

 It’s the transformation in mindset and confidence that comes with the better grade that lasts a lifetime.

Testimonial Video

String parent, student videos together

  • Camille and Zach

  • Cedric and Sahmya

Online Tutoring

  • virtual whiteboard with the ability to type, draw, write, highlight, create models, and graph

  • homework can be assigned easily and notes are always there

  • student(s) and the tutor can collaborate simultaneously

  • student work or lesson plans can be annotated in real time

  • student and tutor can share their screen

 Our Founder

Samiya founded Horizon Star Tutoring Co. with her mission to bring the joys of academic success to others...the confidence that you take into adulthood. 

Though the vision was born long before the company was. 

Samiya tutored students throughout her high school days, but it wasn’t until years later that everything fell into place. After graduating as the Valedictorian of her high school and getting the honor of Summa Cum Laude in college, she wanted to continue to shift education for others. 

Horizon Star Tutoring was the result.


It All Started

Beginning with tutoring exclusively in the Las Vegas area, Horizon Star soon grew to accommodate students virtually with the same great results. Making it possible to impact thousands of students across the nation, while still working in our home state.

Belief System

We believe that a strong community made up of the student, their family, their tutor, and their advisor have led to the success that our students have. Everything begins with the tutor match, but the support surrounding a student’s goals are what make the long-term impact possible. We all work together towards a common goal.



I love our tutor from Horizon Star! She’s very patient and knowledgeable not only on the material she’s helping my son with but also on how to best help him understand the content. My son also loves her, and feels very comfortable asking her for help when he needs additional help.

-Nora A


  • Who are your tutors?
    Our tutors are educators who hold degrees in the subjects they teach and have years of experience in working alongside students of all ages (K-College). We do not hire high schoolers or anyone with less than an Associate’s degree to tutor our students. All of our tutors must pass a background check to ensure your student’s safety as well.
  • How are you different from other tutoring agencies or marketplaces?
    We are a close knit group of educators who have a passion for helping students grow to be their most successful and confident selves. We offer a community-based approach to tutoring so that both the student and the parents are supported every step of the way. One of our advisors and tutors’ top priorities is to make learning less stressful for the student and more manageable for the parent(s). In addition, all of our families receive a tutor that is going to best suit their student’s needs, personality, and learning style. We help to ensure this by hand-picking the tutor who your student will work with. Most marketplaces leave the parents or student to qualify the tutor themselves.
  • How does payment work?
    We offer pricing plans to our students. They work similarly to a subscription. Each week of tutoring (minimum of two hours) is paid for on a set weekday (ex. Every Monday, or every Thursday). Once a plan is started by manually paying through the website, the following payments process automatically. Each plan lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure we get the best results, but we have no long term contracts. We accept all major debit and credit cards
  • How will I know how my student is progressing?
    After every tutoring session the parent(s), the student’s advisor, ant the student (if they are in middle school or above), will receive a report on what was worked on, how the student did in regard to preparation as well as concentration, how they are doing with the material, and what they should work on before their next session. These reports are emailed to the family and help to keep tabs on the student’s progress. Our online students will also receive a weekly video report from their tutor that will have an overview of the week, what was accomplished, and concepts to practice.

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