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Higher Grades
Less Stress
More Confidence

We create interactive one-on-one learning experiences for our students whether it's through a live online session or in-person. Individualized learning is our specialty.

Why Horizon Star Tutoring?

We are a team of passionate tutors who go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients and to make not only an impact on their grades but their lives. We believe that a student learns best when they are being taught by someone they both like and trust...someone who takes the time to get to know them not only as a student, but as a person. With our qualified tutors who hold degrees in the subjects they teach and have years of experience in working alongside students of all ages (K-College), we are able to produce consistent results with our scholars through our one to one tutoring. 

Our online programs are nationwide which means we are able to pair you with the best tutors available, not just one in your area. This allows for a deeper connection between tutor and family because we are able to hand-pick the best fit based on the student’s personality, individual needs, and learning style. Your tutor will become a part of your family after all.


Your academic advisor will partner with you, your student, and your tutor to ensure that they not only reach their academic goals, but develop the confidence and fundamental skills they need to continue to succeed.​

Certified Tutors

Our certified tutors care about their students’ progress, but also their development as a lifelong learner and thriver.

Individualized Learning

Our in-person and online programs are individualized based on the student...not a one size fits all curriculum

Our Advisors

You will be matched with an advisor who will help curate the best possible plan for your student, meaning less stress for students and parents.

How We Help You Get There

Science and Technology Class

Our Programs

The most passionate teachers reach students on a deeper level in Vegas.

Our devoted tutors work one-on-one to ensure students get what they need to grow academically and gain the skills they will need to succeed after they close their books.  

What makes our tutoring top-notch?

  • Tutoring is always an interactive one-on-one learning experience whether it's through a live online session or in-person. Individualized learning is our specialty

  • Your student will be assigned the same tutor for every session allowing them to build a connection with their tutor

  • Fully customized schedule for maximum convenience. Even the busiest families can fit it in.

  • Our qualified tutors love what they do and get superior results because of it.



I love our tutor from Horizon Star! She’s very patient and knowledgeable not only on the material she’s helping my son with but also on how to best help him understand the content. My son also loves her, and feels very comfortable asking her for help when he needs additional help.

-Nora A


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